The Hostel
We've created this hostel as our own home, and try to keep it that way. With that in mind, we try to make the hostel as comfortable as home, with the same amenities you would expect in your own home.
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Location, location, location is what they say. Hostel Bekuo is just a short walk from The University of Costa Rica, downtown San Jose, and some of the best nightlife San Jose has to offer.
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We hate going to other hostels and being nickle and dimed, or overcharged for shit. So we don't play that game. We've got free WiFi, pool, darts, board games, cable T.V., shit, just click here to see the list .
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Enjoy our little garden in your down time. We try to keep herbs growing out here for you to use in the kitchen.
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Get Out!
San Jose isn't the prettiest city in the world, but Costa Ricans definitely know how to have fun. Tag along with the staff or just ask us where's a good place to go on any given night, and we'll point you in the right direction.
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Exploring Costa Rica
No one comes to Costa Rica just to see San Jose. We'll help you get to where you want to go, and we'll do our best to give you insight into our favorite places in Costa Rica. This is the beach at Dominical.
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Punta Uva
Easily one of Costa Rica's most beautiful beaches and a great destination for backpackers as it's still off the beaten track more or less.
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Get out and shake it!
There's a reason we're located where we are... Well there are a few reasons, but nightlife is one of the top three. Whether you are looking for some of the best places to grab a bite, or looking to tie one on, the Hostel Bekuo staff can point you in the right direction. Click here to see what there is to offer near Hostel Bekuo.
Getting Around Costa Rica
Traveling in Costa Rica can, at times, be puzzling. Here we have assembled some resources that might help you get from point A to B a bit easier. Planes, trains and automobiles (well, buses really), we've got schedules for all that jazz. If you don't find it here, then we've got it at the hostel, and if we don't have we'll get it. We're like John Candy looking for a McDonald's when searching for travel info for our guests. Determined.
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